Saturday, May 28, 2005

party at my house tonight.

party party party

you should come.

san francisco. i can't complain. sleeping on beaches is the way to go. waking up to salty ocean air is bliss.

i'll tell you more later. or maybe you should just ask me about it.

i've inherited daniel's allergy to orange food dye. fun to note, arguably a bad idea to indulge in.

when i walk home from the skytrain, i go past an apartment building that houses a few cats. they're usually sitting just outside the window of their respective rooms on a long, long leash. it's a very bizarre thing to see cats wandering around this little square of green with a string hanging from their neck.

i suppose they don't mind, though, if they don't know anything better.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

no, i'm not seeing star wars tonight.

the last time that i can see something that'll have geeks-and-not-such-geeks lined up in anticipation in costume in fear in hope in giddiness in gangs to see a film that's been awaited for years, to see something planning to cheer whenever certain lines are said or characters are introduced, to see something without any real knowledge of what it'll be like.

i'm a little sad.

but not too sad. i'm headed to san francisco in 11 hours!

i'll miss you.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

this is why i love the radio. because i can come in all headachey and hungry and thinking of everything i haven't done yet and still have to do and worrying that i just ran past the teacher who's still expecting a deferred assignment (or four) that i'm nowhere near finished yet and planning the upcoming trip south of the border even though there's nothing for me to plan and wishing that i didn't have to do this right now and that maybe i should have called caelen in to cover for me afterall . . .

. . . and i'll be a bit snarky for a minute when there's 5 other people in the room when i get there (it's tiny here. if you don't know that, you should come visit my show sometime) and because torsten (the dj who's after me) got here before me and has already gone halfway through the playlist, taking things out, organising everything and not letting me touch his piles . . .

. . . and then once the music starts playing, one song leads into another, inspiring the whole show right there even though i didn't have a plan at all, and i find a band like hrsta or mice parade or oneida or death in vegas that i didn't know before, or new albums from spoon or but it all just works out, and i'm still hungry and i still have a headache but that doesn't really matter so much anymore and i've stopped thinking about everything else that might matter.

all i've gotta worry about now is that i'm playing enough canadian content.

Sunday, May 15, 2005

today i committed a criminal offense. i voted at the advanced polls . . . in coquitlam, not in east vancouver. coquitlam needs my vote more, i think. it didn't bother me at all until the last minute when they told me to sign on the line that said that "i hereby assert that my address and other information here is correct" (or whatever the precise wording is). technically, i suppose it is - my mail still goes to coquitlam.

so sneaky.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

i have nothing of interest to say.

except that i can't recall why or how i ever stepped foot into the radio station. but i'm very glad i did. even if long sometimes-boring meetings are still long sometimes-boring meetings.

and that my tarot reading ended with the sun card.

and that it's possible that my head could be this messed up for a year. that's problematic. the fun thing is that in order to actually recover, i'm basically going to have to make substantial changes to my way of doing things (and what i do) as it is right now. which will be interesting (and difficult). among other things, it means no more sprinting through the hallways just because. anthony will be happy.

pepper pepper pepper salt.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

i found a watch in the cereal box.

that, coupled with diego's shoes and pigtails, may help make for a bizarre outfit for next week.

i'm MSO. it's in the job description to wear strange outfits.

too bad i have no rouge.

(i could also become bored with this idea by monday. we'll see.)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

not dead. just busy. and tired.

i realised today that i don't have enough hours in the day to finish everything right now. so this list is for me. not you. soon this will not be a place for listing how i'm ill or what i'm busy with. soon it will be for more interesting things. as soon as i have time to think about things again. which is probably after may 10.

until then.

i need to email arne and explain that i can't finish everything by friday, because library materials have disappeared.
i need to finish stupid reports for people.
i need to finish other stupid reports for other people.
i need to finish two sound assignments by friday.
i need to write sound journals and assignments by friday.
i need to eat.
i need to decide if i want to run for the CJSF board. well, i do want to run. i need to decide if i should right now.
i need to translate 60 lines of beowulf by 11 wednesday morning.
i need to go to tons of a couple more meetings.
i need to plan next week.
i need to write something up for a proposal that i may not even go through with, but i've gotta pretend that i will for the moment.
i need to write an application for something that i know i want to do, as soon as everything else is under control.
i need to go to class.
i need to mail things.
i need to write a letter of reference.
i need to go to other meetings.
i need to clean up the kitchen. and other parts of the house.
i need to get time to let everything about my new job actually sink in.
i need to arrange more meetings so that things are done by next week.
i need to find time to fix up a training manual well enough to send a draft for edits, something that should have been done today. it's not going to happen right now.

all of this needs to be done by friday afternoon, latest. ALL of it. and i'm probably forgetting things right now. oh, and i need to sleep somewhere in there too. and rest. because i think all my rushing around since monday has undone any healing that my saturday of rest allowed. and no more volunteering to help other people this week, because i keep doing that on top of everything else, and i'm not going to get anything of mine finished if i keep that up.

fuck. it's only been 2 days of the new semester, i'm only taking 1 class, and i'm already massively behind.

in other news, i have a three hour radio show next monday. and i may get to go on a trip in a few weekends. and i forgot a birthday or two. and we made a bonfire in the house on the weekend. and i was forced to rest (not that i was able to do much else) on friday. and people let me cut their hair. and i got a french press. and we're on a decorating kick here in the basement. and it's time for tank tops and short skirts.

and stuff.

edit: so there's one thing off that list. though it's now 2am and i still haven't gone to bed.
edit2: more things done. still not everything. still not the important things, sadly. oh well.