Friday, April 15, 2005

when it comes to food, i'd like to think i'm the sort of person who, given the opportunity, would at least try anything presented to me. well, provided it isn't something like glue-mixed-with-broken-glass or something along those lines. but any sort of food that other people eat, regardless of how unusual it might be for the culture i was raised in.

i don't think i'll ever be able to eat a live squid, though.

saw Oldboy tonight. nearly gave it a miss, but ed told me that i'd never forgive meself if i didn't go. that even if i was on my deathbed, the correct choice would be to go see the movie.

he didn't lie. it's good. but i can't tell you much about it. except that it's a film about revenge. and it's korean. and it has a really fun soundtrack. and i would have been far happier paying to see that than sin city last week. so go see Oldboy

the doctor has told me that i'm supposed to clear my schedule and do NOTHING until i get better. when i told her that's impossible, she told me to talk to my prof and get my assignments deferred indefinitely (or at least make certain that they are right now) and to only do the bare minimum of work for the next few weeks, and absolutely no exercise.

but when you have to rest for other injuries, i have an idea what to do -- you broke your ankle, you don't walk/run/dance/jump for awhile. you sprain your thumb, you don't carry things. but if you bruise your brain, how do you rest that? no physical activity, sure, but what about thinking? is that brain exertion or not? how about reading? i'm very confused right now.

i was also told that one of the doctors is worried that i have an eating disorder. but that's another kettle of fish.

or squid.

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