Saturday, April 09, 2005

we were going through yearbooks this evening and came across a picture of mr stewart, and remembered why we liked him. he was funny, he was sarcastic, he could seem nasty at times, but really, he was truly nice, kind, interesting (and interested), and understanding. and helpful. very helpful. arranged for me to talk with ex-students of his when i was trying to decide what to persue in high school in plans for uni, back when i figured i'd end up becoming a science major.

i miss physics.

at any rate, that was that mr stewart. and i hope he's doing well.

the most recent mr stewart, however, has just become the downer to tonight. he acts funny, tries to be interesting, thinks he's helpful and understanding, and seems "nice" and/or "kind". but ultimately, i don't think too highly of him at all. and the email i just got from him sorta sets that in stone. giving me an unfairly low mark and implying that i'll be getting a low mark for the class, but that said prospective low final grade could have been much lower, except that he realises that i had "some difficulties" this semester doesn't make him sympathetic. doesn't even make him nice, considering that i provided doctors' notes for things and asked to perform later on, when i would be closer to being completely well. and i certainly didn't purposefully wound meself to get out of class.

or maybe i did. i probably did. i'm such a negative eeyore, it's true.

but i'm a negative eeyore who got home-made indian food for dinner (finger food! no utensils allowed!) and saw friends she hasn't seen in ages. and got free popcorn three times over through simple deceit and trickery. and decided (with aforementioned friends) that instead of paying to see a film next time we do a film night, we'll put the money we would have spent towards making a short film. it'll prolly be a more entertaining waste of our time.

maybe we can get the original (and cooler) mr stewart to star in it.

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