Saturday, April 23, 2005

three days ago, i had a seat booked on a flight to london.
obviously, i didn't go.
this isn't entirely a tragedy.

today, i could have (should have?) gone on a Peak retreat to somewhere just past Hope (ha ha ha).
again, i didn't go.
again, it isn't entirely a tragedy.

(alternatively, i could have been spending today at the burnaby campus, which i've done practically every day since january 7, without any exaggeration whatsoever.)

both of these things, when scheduling them, i knew i wouldn't end up doing them. i just didn't tell everyone else who asked about them that.

instead, i spent much of today sitting on the balcony in the sunshine, working on the laptop, while waiting for the roofer to finish his stuff. i had Discussions. i made perogies. i downloaded manitoba and caribou. i went to the fanciest formal i've ever been to, and realised that i'm quite glad i didn't bother with my high school grad, learned a bit of salsa, break-danced in the corner, boogied to the mambo, and snuck secret drinks from under the table.

instead, i spent the 20th picking up kick-ass prizes, spending time with jodi on The Beach, and having Deep, Dark Discussions with seansean about friends and acquaintances and hipsters and role-playing.

in the end, i have a feeling that whatever happened on either day instead of the Original Plan was more important in the grander scheme of things.

i'm still waiting for the Ultimate Happy Ending, though, despite the fact that i know that life doesn't usually play that way.

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