Thursday, April 07, 2005

so the song starts like this: it's really quiet, but every now and then there's a little scurry of sound, something like *this*. there's not much to begin with, and it's all rather soft -- it's a noise recording, see, no actual, musical tune to speak of, just a collection of soft sounds, scratches, taps, nothing recognisable to the human ear.

so anyways, the sounds start coming quicker and quicker, getting a little bit more louder every time, and as the sounds build, i'd start to find the momentum to push myself up, but even so, it's still pretty hard to make it up. but soon you'd reach a sitting point, still slouching a little, but the sounds still build and push you and push you until you're suddenly pushed to your feet. it's not necessarily stable yet, you're still waiting for everything to get going, but you're up, you're trying to make it! and by then, the music's suddenly built itself up into a frenzy.

the piece is actually by a duo from montreal, who go by the name skoltz_kogen. i found out about them when i was volunteering at the new forms fest last year, driving people to and from the airport. and two of the artists i was supposed to meet were these two, from montreal. when i did a bit of reading up on who they were, i'd decided almost immediately that i'd fall in love with them -- they were from montreal and doing sound art, how could i not? but when i saw them perform live, that was when i truly fell in love with them.

their performance was made up of two screens -- one here, and another here, big giant ones side by side -- and they each sat at their terminal, with mixing boards and computers at hand. each one controlled a different screen, and they had spent a couple weeks in prague going around and recording video images as well as sounds, to put together for this one piece. the images and sounds would sometimes sync up, sometimes be a little bit off, mixing between the video footage and computer graphics, but the sounds, oh, the sounds were amazing. so loud, so intense, pouring over me like rapids, with so much energy and such volume, a performance that so many people might hate. i sat there in awe the entire show, and afterwards, i knew i was in love. so much so, that i had to buy the cd.

so when i got home that night, of course, i wanted to listen to the disc, hear everything over again and relive it. but it was late at night, and you're scared to have anything too loud. so i popped the cd into the stereo, and sat there with my fingers on the volume controls, because i didn't want it to suddenly blare out and wake up the entire house. but i couldn't hear any sound.

i turned it up a little, but still couldn't hear much.

i turned it up again, and started to hear something.

i waited a bit, didn't get any louder, so i turned it up some more, cautiously.

i sat there for the whole cd, constantly worried that all those deep, heavy sounds would suddenly come and wake everyone up, but they never came. and when i finally reached the end of the cd, i realised that all those sounds they'd recorded in prague, they were still here, but sampled differently, processed differently, and performed differently. it was still the same piece, but every single time it would be performed, it would be completely different -- much like this dance.

so, like i said, i was in love with them and their music. so of course i had to try to share it with people. but how do you convince people that noise can be music too? so i went through the cd and found the smallest track, and it just so happened to be the one i wanted to be performing to now. and it just so happened to contain a lot of the main things i liked overall, so it was perfect for spreading around to friends. and i sent it to people over the internet and i played it for friends in the car, and i did all i could to get people to listen to it. and half the people would look at me strangely and ignore what was playing, continuing on with their conversation instead, but some people would like it. rare, though. tragically. that's why i wanted to be playing it today, to do my duty and spread the word!

but i can't. i don't have the disk.

so anyways, at this point, the music's still going in a frenzy. there's scratches and driven beats -- nothing quite rhythmic, but steady -- and lots and lots of bass, but suddenly it just stops! ...and now you have a rhythm because there's this *tscht* sound that starts to play. *tscht* and it comes at a pretty *tscht* regular interval. *tscht* and as that noise *tscht* continues, it begins to *tscht* calm the dancing down, *tscht* bringing everything back to the centre *tscht*, where everything starts to *tscht* come into balance again *tscht* as a low hum begins to grow *tscht*. the noise still *tscht* continues as i begin to sink *tscht* to the ground, until *tscht* it finally stops, as i reach the ground.

and as the hum begins to fade away, everything is relaxed once again, everything has gone back to how it was, and i just lie here once more, waiting as the music ends.

and that's pretty much it.

i'm SFU's new members' services officer, starting may 1. there was drama involved even in today's count, drama that shouldn't have happened, and didn't need to become as tragic as it did in some ways, and that doesn't need to be brought up here. so we'll leave it at that. so huzzah! though even if i didn't win, 1031 people still voted for me. even if 1032 people had voted for someone else, that's still 1031 who chose me out of 5 other people. one thousand thirty one. that's a huge number. so bizarre. i don't even know that i know one thousand people personally. i doubt i do.

but they know me.

among others.

the wittiness that was planned to go in here today has been postponed indefinitely. it's 3:35am. i should be asleep.

and now, time for the theremin solo!

yes, again. there's never too much theremin.

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