Sunday, April 17, 2005

hello, Honey Mustard House! though you don't look very yellow from up here.

1. i won't ever be a pro basketball player.

2. i need to stay away from work/forced socialising for awhile, because it'll save me from ending up in places feeling completely smothered by people.

3. i need to stop saying things For The Hell Of It, because sometimes people remember the careless sarcastic rambles and take them seriously.

4. i know more playful and fewer bitingly sarcastic people these days. i only noticed it when i was in the company of people who prove themselves by being one step sharper or one witty diss further than the rest. i don't know that either one's necessarily better or worse, but it's just funny to realise the sensibilities of those around you.

5. i now have some terribly nifty clothes.

6. i think that today is the first time in years that i've seen/spoken to my entire family within the span of a few hours. even more astounding, we played basketball together (those of us on this side of the water, at least). even more astounding, that includes both parents, not just me, david, and daniel.

7. it's sometimes surprising to notice where your traits (whether good or bad) come from. and then suddenly everything starts to make more sense.

8. i need a stud-finder.

9. not that kind of stud-finder.

10. punks never don't dead.* (learn english.)

* ooh so stealthy!

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