Monday, April 04, 2005

1. i missed kenten's birthday. so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KENTEN! and congratulations on a new computer.

2. no less than 5 (five) people commented that i look well today. i would suppose that this is a good thing. i feel better than i've felt in at least a week, for whatever that's worth.

3.a) karaoke is an brilliant waste of time. in the sense that it's great, it's fun, and it does waste a lot of time. it's brilliant.

3.b) now i'm a believer. not a trace. no doubt in my mind.

4. strip poker has more rules than i expected that it did. and i think that being allowed to bet continuously until you finally want to give up or fold is a far more entertaining way to go. how else would i have won the growing island off the coast of iceland, AND diego's soul, AND karl's toenail clippings?

5. lists make things neat.

6.a-i) it's a funny feeling to realise that you feel (and possibly are) better off in some way than someone else. especially when it's someone you thought was better than you for a long while. it's not that they aren't necessarily leading a fulfilling life that makes them happy. it's just that . . . in some way, if there was a quick measurement in some aspect of your lives, if you could measure attributes, you realise that you'd come out on top. even if it's only by a bit. of course, chances are they'd beat you out in some other way in the end. but if that value isn't as important to you, does it really matter?

6.a-ii) in the same vein, does it matter if you're better than them in some category, if that category doesn't matter to them? not really, it's true. but if it's something that you always thought they trounced you in, it's still a strange thing to realise you've overtaken them. or maybe they were just never good at it to begin with. oh! sarah! speaking so vaguely! everyone's confused and no one cares! maybe that's the point.

6.b) if anyone reading point 6 (six) thinks i'm talking about them, you are WRONG. i'd never post that here if i remotely expected them to read it. and i am most definitely not talking about anything even slightly related to the recent politics game or the people involved in it. so there.

7. i still miss prague. but manageably so, now. if i were there right now, though, it would be 11 a.m. and i'd be in petrin park, near the apple trees, writing to chris, because i still haven't done that yet. and listening to music. but it's 17 degrees and sunny there right now, as opposed to our miserable expected high of 10 degrees and rain. when will summer come?

8.more of my things are finding a home in the honey house. this means i have more space to move around and feel organised. this means i'm closer to making this place fully mine, decoration-wise. this means that the barbie bondage picture from matt's already up on the wall. this means that mona lisa's up in the hallway. this means sarah's a happy camper, to be living in a house where tacky is wonderful. martha stewart would be horrified.

9. i really don't like medication. i hate seeing people under its influence even more. it makes me feel sick inside. i think it's the fact that some little pill or serum has enough power to knock you out or make you act strange or just . . . make you not you. it's not quite as bad as discussing medical ailments at times, but close. we can have a discussion about anti-depressants and how they're good for some people some other time. today, i just hate all medicines.

10. it's 3:17 now. before sunday, it would only be 2:17 and i'd still be getting 5 hours of sleep before i wake up. whoever is enforcing this whole time-change garbage should be done away with. because i'm still not sleepy, but i have to be up in 4 hours, nonetheless.

BONUS. sarah and daniel are the rockingest rock stars there ever were and will be. if we charged you to listen to us, we'd be rich. but we're sympathetic rockstars -- we know you'd never be able to afford to pay what our talent is worth. instead we'll just be cool. and rockin'. and let you enjoy us for free.


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