Saturday, March 26, 2005


i'm awesome. did you know that? it's true. so fuckin' awesome. if i were any more awesomer, it'd be a crime against the world.

so sometimes i'm punished for it. like yesterday. when i bashed my head hard enough to rattle my brain and give me a concussion that's still in effect, over 36 hours later. i don't believe i've ever done this good a number on my head. i have a dent in my skull from hitting the same place over and over again as a child (coincidentally, i think i hit that exact spot yesterday morning, once again), but i generally just get a headache, not the whole feeling-ill, suddenly-dizzy, fuzzy-all-over, unable-to-word-things-properly, not-able-to-concentrate thing. so in a roundabout way, it's sort of a nifty experience.

i'm just going to ignore the fact that i felt possibly worse today, only because i think that's the hypochondriac part of me kicking in. we'll see how i'm doing tomorrow.

in other news, our dining room turned into a cuban salon last night, i found the perfect passtime for my short-attention-span, needing-to-sit self yesterday keeping track of ballot-counting, someone's still not happy with me at work though i really don't have any idea what the problem is at this point, and i got elected onto senate (third-most-voted-for!), and some people are becoming less haughty, and i'm down to my final week at the peak, and i'll miss early friday mornings when it's just me, then me and dan, then me and dan and agnes -- the whole day is usually fun, but it's good when there's only a couple of us, and i don't think i know of anyone who laughs as much as dan does, and he's got one of those infectious laughs. so he's good to have around.

oh, peak, i'll miss you!

so many random people this past week told me they missed the bunny. so the bunny ad that's in there this week is for them. everyone probably things i love rabbits. i don't, actually. i tolerate them. they're cute. i don't mind them. but i don't love them. even though i used to have one as a pet. maybe his untimely demise scarred me.

or something.

i'm going to blame the concussion for feeling like an idiot and only feeling able to think in the most basic ways at the moment. i don't know if it's fair to the wound, but i don't think i've felt this moronic in awhile.

good night.

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