Wednesday, March 02, 2005

kinda sorta not entirely but nearly all packed into the van! what's more, i did it all meself, because daniel chose sleep over helping me! huzzah for my nearly non-existant-but-apparently-there muscles! right now there's room for one more piece of furniture-with-drawers. i can't decide which to go with. i think that the other will stay here until i figure out if i have space for it or not. so, tallish-dresser-with-5-drawers? or kids'-desk-with-7-smaller-drawers? computer screen might be fine sitting on another shelf thing that's definitely going. and ultimately i don't really use either dresser or desk too much, so maybe i could just leave both.


it's strange to actually go through everything systematically and really judge how much you use anything. sorta sad, too, when you realise how much useless stuff you have about.

ah well. bedtime.

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