Friday, March 18, 2005

drunken conversations with warren are more fun than doing a bit of layout or going to sleep. only one of us is drunk. it's rather hilarious. this is what everyone else misses out on, not doing layout on thursdays.

quiz courtesy of warren's page, because it's probably been a year since i've done anything as annoying as this.
A - Age you got your first kiss: not 14
B - Band listening to right now: tom waits
C - Crush: on aspects of many people, but rarely never on a whole, actual person
D - Dad's name: Robert Gary
E - Easiest person to talk to: various people for various reasons
F - Favorite artist at the moment: would aki count? though maurizio cattelan looks intriguing . . .
G - Gummy worms: got any to share?
H - Hometown: the little salmon by the big river (coquitlam)
I - Instruments: piano. jingle bells. recorder. a bit of guitar. didge. kazoo. still need to learn accordian and banjo, though.
K - Kids: good as nieces and nephews and playmates. not as full-time employment.
L - Longest car ride ever: driving to regina when i was 14.
M - Mom's name: is it evangeline or maria? no one's really sure, actually.
N - Nicknames: saraho, sarinko, brigitte
O - One wish: that someone walks in the door with almond bubble tea right now. and that a Perfect Day happens soon.
P - Phobias: needles and medicine and other things that shouldn't already be in your body naturally.
Q - Question you last asked: why do you want to go upstairs? it's like a party in here!
R - Reason to smile: drunken warrens, rollerskates, layout, perogies, licorice tea
S - Song you sang last: cry baby cry
T - Time you woke up [today]: 8:20am
U - Unknown fact about me: i blame my parents' social ineptness on my own discomfort in some social settings. but that's not much of a secret. i don't have secrets. my life is an open book!
V - Vegetable you hate: broccoli. but more out of principal at this point, i've actually started to secretly like it. wait! a secret!
W - Worst habit(s): inability to sit/stand still, being completely busy but still trying to add things to my schedule to help others out
X - X-rays you've had: aside from the dental ones, arm, wrist, upper neck, knee, wrist, knee, knee, knee, knee, knee!
Y - Yummy food: salad, mango, fruit, yogurt, indian, monster-shit muffins
Z - Zodiac Sign: libra. couldn't you tell?

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