Tuesday, March 29, 2005

. . . welcome to the house of fun . . .

oh young ones, i never realised how much i miss you. why must you remind me of things i don't want to think of, though?

i've just discovered that it hasn't actually been very warm in the house today, and that no one turned up the heat a little while ago.

i don't know if it's related to my head or not, though the doctor told me to come back if i got a bad headache or a fever, but i'm sniffling a little too, so it might just be a cold. i know you said to go get a second opinion, and i will tomorrow morning at school. but i don't want to be all hypochondriac-like about it either.

apparently i hit my head around the personality centre of the brain. which, says the doc, could explain why i've been having strange memories and depressing thoughts that seem to come out of nowhere. i don't know if it explains why i keep saying diego when i mean to say karl. or why i couldn't remember if what i was holding was called a knife or a fork. and, unfortunately, after spending all this time memorising my new address and postal code, i've lost it and have to start from scratch again. doh.

walking cheekfirst into a mailbox with a substantial amount of force on saturday probably didn't help the whole situation. though it was a good reminder not to slouch, because i don't think my head would have been the first thing to hit if i'd had my back straight.

oh, ayanna, where are you when i need you?

on the plus side, one memory that's returned is the name of a game that i want to need to must find to have for my own, to force everyone else i know to play. because it involves overthrowing el presidente and becoming the new el presidente. and as long as there's someone to call you el presidente, then all is well.

. . . i miss norway.

but in non-medical updates, because i hate that this is what this blog has become:

i left a hipster extravaganza to watch Spiderman 2 and prove my ultimate not-coolness. i think it was more fun in the end.

my beautiful blue wall has been painted over with "inner peace".

i saw a romantic film that i didn't despise. in fact, i loved it. and it made me simultaneously so happy and warm and fuzzy and so sad at the exact same time. as good films should.

not all good films, though. some are good if they make you absolutely miserable. or ecstatic.

and i had polish potato salad. and i didn't only have it because it had a european country in its title. and there is a difference between polish and canadian potato salad.

(theirs is better. tastier. more pickle.)

and i want mammos rice rolls. T&T was out of them when i was there. but i found manly pocky instead. apparently only men like dark chocolate pocky. the package implies it. as does the dark green.

darkness. strength. manly. too strong for a woman.

oh sarah, when will you start listening to packaging?

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