Sunday, March 13, 2005

apparently i don't make a very good irish descendent. either that, or i'm just never going to suit a place like the blarney stone. i went because it was ivana's birthday. anyone else, i would have just gone home, but i couldn't not go for ivana's birthday!

everything's strange right now. i've leaped between having boundless energy to none at all. on thursday, all my energy left in an instant and was replaced by an astoundingly strong feeling of emptiness. i don't know if the landmines film had anything to do with it, but i'll assume that it did. same thing on friday. that was due to an email, though.

and on friday i got to play two different people. but one actually worked against the other, and it was the arts editor sarah that played a far bigger role that day. and this might ultimately work against me, i'm not really sure. i don't think it should. but "should" and "will" are, in the end, two very separate things. arts editor sarah's terribly indignant about some things, though, and rightfully so.

saw the most pretentious show i've ever seen today. it was intended to be some form of escapism. i don't know what it was, but if nothing else, we had fun mocking it throughout the performance, at least. and i'm very glad that i'm not the one writing about it. in some ways, i'll miss being arts editor, but i won't miss feeling obliged to produce a worthily-written commentary on everything i see, or feeling as though i'm only being contacted for the sake of scoring free tickets. particularly not the latter.

i almost bought oats when i was shopping the other day. now i'm very sad that i didn't. because i'd love raisin-nut oatmeal right now.

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