Monday, February 14, 2005

strange day.

found out i'm not-quite-allergic-but-react-not-well to another medication -- hopefully i can remember the name for future reference.

went rollerskating and didn't kill meself.

got vitamin sun.

felt so horridly fragile and shaky.

avoided studying. again.

caught up with ayanna.

had a picnic in the kitchen. picnic police made certain we did everything correctly.

froze to death waiting for the bus.

had yams for dinner.

found out i got hepititis from my mom when i was born, afterall. before all we knew is that she wasn't a carrier, but apparently she was when i was born. somehow they didn't tell her she had it, and they didn't tell her that me, rebecca, and david caught it from her. but it's in our birth records, which we didn't have copies of.

so i'm not happy right now. i'm really hating doctors and the canadian medical system. and yet i'm ironically dependent on it at the moment, too.

at least i don't feel dizzy and shaky and ready to break anymore.

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