Monday, February 21, 2005

i have no more limoncello. obviously, this means i need to return to the amalfi coast sometime in the future.


i've been craving norway today. i can't say why, exactly. little islands and rocks jutting from the ocean helped. but it's been growing, because i've been saying "halla" for weeks now, even if no one's noticed it but me. and i couldn't pass up the opportunity for fresh seafood today. and i've been holding back from espressos.

it might be the weather -- beautifully clear, sunny skies, but still a crispness that makes you keep your sweater on. it might be seeing lovely views of the ocean, and missing having a boat to go out sailing on them. it might be because i'm sick of hearing english.

on the way "home"* on friday night, mark and i started speaking what little czech we could remember. we didn't get far past "where is the church? the church is to the left!", but it still made both of us happy. well, alright, i don't know if it made him happier, but it made me happier. i miss being forced to figure out everything around me, having to work to communicate, rather than having people understand me right then and there.

i need to go back to europe. i don't know when it'll be, though.

even so, i'm so very much enjoying being in vancouver right now. so strange.

* well, home for that night, at least . . .

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