Monday, February 28, 2005


and david's been kicked out of school and, of course, everyone is dropping everything to help him back, and i'm actually quite unhappy that i know that he'll move into what-until-tuesday-is-my room and everything will go back to how it was a couple years ago, with him doing nothing and the household revolving around his schedule because he's the one with a problem and as always my mother won't actually talk about anything and now that i found out more she's upset and angry and telling me that i just don't listen to her when, in actuality, she wasn't telling me that in the first place and telling me that my understanding of her expecting to take the van from me because she needs it was my misunderstanding because what she was really doing at the time was asking and apparently i wasn't listening to what she was really saying . . .

i suppose it's good that i won't be here much longer and won't have to dwell on all this. and i'm very pissed off that there's so many things that go on here that aren't talked about. and in part it's my fault because i just don't want to take the time because i know everything ends in an argument, but really, some of this "news" is really kind of important.

and i'm sad that i've officially lost contact with someone that i still want an apology from, but i still want to talk to and miss a lot right now.

i want to be NotHere right now.

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