Wednesday, February 23, 2005

the first time shaving legs after a long long long time of not-shaving them always makes them feel oh so very smooth, no nicks, no scratches, no red marks, nothing. just nice and smooth.

so silky.

hey, when you have a schedule that lacks even Time To Breath, you get your kicks wherever you can.

puppy!cousin and i went out to play on monday. we made friends everywhere, again. puppy met the peak, cjsf, swimmers, joggers, english grads, my forgetful prof, parts of the SFSS, all sorts. and puppy gave me a chance to speak out loud even louder than usual. it's fun. and you know that everyone who walked past me wrestling with a puppy on the grass was jealous.

puppy's still scared of walking over the pathway over the radioactive pond, but only in one direction. can't figure out why.

strange puppy.

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