Tuesday, February 08, 2005

CJSF party. friday night. anza club. 8th & ontario. $6 in advance, 3 bands listed on the posters, more music and performances and prizes that night. doors at 8. you should all be there. that's where the cool kids will be.

...like ME!

oh, and everyone who missed my radio show today missed out BIGTIME. new stereo total! oh my!

i figured it out. i'm a cuddle slut right now. problem being that it's a little bit harder to find cuddles without the emotional ties from others.

such a sensationalist.

also, the newspaper is going fuckin insane. i thought today was messed up enough as it was. and now i just found out that another person's being asked to resign. discussions will ensue at wednesday's meeting.

that would be the meeting that i figured i'd tell people i'd be running for the upcoming (school) elections and hope that certain people wouldn't cry "conflict of interest!" and force me to resign. but apparently everyone's gone mad, so now i'm a little worried about it all.

oh, things were all fine a week or two ago! why did it all have to change?

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