Thursday, February 03, 2005

bad news:
i got to play with a D70 this week, and ultimately, i loved it, and ultimately, it didn't have a warranty and certain things missing, and ultimately, i only wanted to pay so much money, because i know that the guy selling it got it for free, and ultimately, he wasn't willing to budge with the price, and ultimately, i didn't even try to bargain any more, because he wasn't going to go as low as i wanted.

so, ultimately, i have no new camera. but that's okay. if i wait another six months, i'll probably be able to buy it brand new WITH a 2-year warranty for the same price that he was asking.

it's a shame.

good news:
i move to east van by march 1st. just the simple fact that i'll be able to extract what i want from this room and move it away, leaving all the rest right there to get rid of simply and quickly is enough to make me happy. it will be interesting, i'm sure.

and now that all these interruptions have been dealt with, i need to want to have to start refocusing. i haven't studied near as much as i should for one class. i haven't been anywhere near as good an arts editor as i should be. (the perceptive people should have picked up on this. i haven't been called on it yet. but i'm expecting it soon.) i have to try to iron out some differences while i try to get out of the office more often, otherwise i'm just going to become a lovely little bundle of hatred and frustration. (i suppose it's my fault for being pedantic about wording and finding certain things patronising.)

i will say, however, that spending time at CJSF has been lovely of late. such a good atmosphere there in comparison. it could just be open windows, though, i suppose. oh, and it's nice that i don't work with DC anymore, because now we're acting like friends like we used to.

i still can't stop moving. and white tea is my new wednesday-night poison.

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