Tuesday, January 25, 2005

tonight i made a left turn at a corner and didn't realise until too late that there had been someone wanting to walk across then (though she hadn't actually left the sidewalk yet) -- these things happen when there's a bunch of other people around, most of whom aren't trying to cross, and especially when that one person who does try is wearing all black at nighttime. anyways, the girl that didn't cross before i turned mouthed "Thanks a lot, bitch" with the utmost clarity, just in case my lipreading skills weren't up to par.

pissed me off. because even as i turned, as soon as i saw her, i mouthed an apology and made the "oh damn i'm so sorry" face, and i really honestly wouldn't have cut her off if she'd stood out more.

so a little part of me was embittered as i was delivering the papers to waterfront station. when i got to the box, though, someone else was a little ways down, and asked me how i was doing when i said hello. i told him i was a little pissed off because of stupid people calling people names for no good reason. he agreed. so he told me a joke.

it was perfect. the bad mood could have continued on and pissed other people off, but Waterfront Stranger and i killed it.

next time maybe i'll wear a cape and a mask while we tackle pissy moods. it might make it more fun. mine'll have glitter on it.

in other news, i just paid off all my credit card bills. my bank account's horrendously low right now. hopefully the student loan comes soon. hopefully i don't blow it all on a new camera right away. hopefully i'll find a million dollars in the gutter on the hike up to school tomorrow.

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