Tuesday, February 01, 2005

oooh anything called an "interview" has certain connotations that just makes you nervous. doesn't matter what it is or what it's for, it still puts you in a certain mode where you're trying to impress who you're talking to.

at least, it does for me.

in other news, today's radio show was awesome. ed let me play some records from the collection he keeps in his filing cabinet (hence the title, "music from ed's drawers"). half of it's fun-and-lovely. half of it's creepy. part of it's german. more if it's old. all of it's odd. especially when accompanied by the record covers.

the exciting thing is that there's digital logging of everything that goes over the air now, so i can download that show and keep all the good songs from it! so, if you missed it this week because you're just not as big a fan as you always told me you are, never fear! drop me a note and i'll direct you to where you can download it from (i just don't know if it's cool to be giving out the URL or not). and then dance along and sing along where you know the words.

also, today i had ethiopian food for the first time ever. and just as i was about to leave, mount little happened to walk by the window, so we had him step in and take my place.

timing is everything.

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