Tuesday, January 18, 2005

natasha has gone to disneyland, so i have gone to her house. and will stay here all week. it's so very exciting. at the moment alfalfa, the blind cat, is trying to figure out where i am, sitting at the end of the bed, craning her neck all over the place, everywhere but to where i am. she's so sweet... and tristan, the big dog upstairs, has decided that he likes me, because i give him food.

it's truly a heartwarming relationship.

so tired right now. so much more that i have to do, though. can't decide whether it's more worthwhile to just sleep, or to stay up latelatelate and get more accomplished.

for now, though, some pictures:
a fence
some of the pillars in cesky raj ("czech paradise")
matt and honza in lasovice
rachel in the underground
and a recent view from my window

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