Sunday, January 09, 2005

i'm enjoying my last guinness in the UK. okay, so i'm not in ireland, and that's probably somewhat wrong, but i'm closer to ireland than i'll get right now.

unfortunately, the london transit system is ruining the whole evening. for the first time EVER, i have a reasonably straight-forward flight home: London Heathrow --> Frankfurt --> Vancouver. not some out-of-the-way airport outside london, but heathrow. the one that the underground goes to. all the way. except for this weekend, because there's work being done on the line. so, rather than catching 2 metro lines to reach the airport, i'm going to have to leave 2 hours early in order to take 5 different buses to reach the airport with 2 hours to wait before my flight.

i'm not so annoyed by the time (although a little miffed that i have to wake up so early) as much as i'm worried about my knee. i didn't bring my brace, i didn't think i would need it. but after these past few days, my knee's really not feeling happy. in fact, it almost felt ready to give out yesterday, which actually quite scares me. so hope and pray and cross your fingers for me that it doesn't pop out when i'm walking around with a big heavy pack on my back.

i was hoping that maybe, possibly, my flight from frankfurt to vancouver would be cancelled due to snow. doesn't seem likely anymore. although if it were just snow, the flight would just be delayed. so maybe i'm just hoping that i'll get to frankfurt and they'll announce that "oh, sorry! flight LH0492 to vancouver has been cancelled because vancouver has exploded!" and then i could catch a flight back to prague and stay there until The Great Reconstruction takes place and vancouver is rebuilt in accordance with the vision of some crazy man who sits upon a hill far far away and eats nothing but grasshoppers and daisy leaves and the occasional butterfly wing (the colours give him vitamins). but they'd forget the airport, so i'd have to wait another 15 years until crazy man has a child whose first word is "airport" and someone, 6 years later, finally figures out what it meant.

i am truly, deeply sorry, in advance, for all of you who might perish in the great explosion.

but i guess i'll probably be more likely to see you come sunday or monday or something.

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