Tuesday, January 11, 2005

i'm back in vancouver now. i'm tired. i'm jet-lagged. i spent all day running around (half of that quite literally) organising things. i've hired someone to work for me, hopefully it wasn't a bad choice. i don't know right now, i was too tired and distracted at the time. i also picked up a work study position. again, hopefully i didn't make a bad choice there, either. i'll be working at CJSF, though, so that can't actually be bad.

radio show was fun. i already forget the name of the one band that i fell in love with today, but i'll find it tomorrow again. started with an M. from montreal. oh so much fun.

it's sorta fun to have been away for a few weeks, and then come back and actually see minute changes that you wouldn't have seen otherwise. like some people lost weight. one of our cats gained weight -- a lot of it, i'm amazed. some people changed their hairstyle a little. some people don't look as tired as they did before. some people have become quieter and more closed-up. some weird white stuff started to cover the ground. it's pretty, though.

there might be an official trek to burnaby mountain park tomorrow for the sole purpose of going sledding. if you want to come, come visit me. can't tell you what time it'll be at yet, though, sorry.

oh, and i did manage to find a decent bus route to the airport from london. unfortunately i ended up in the middle of the row on the flight home, so not only could i not find a comfortable position to get any sleep in, but i also missed having a window to look out of as we flew over greenland and nunavet. the glimpses i got were magnificent, though. and the descent into vancouver was possibly the nicest one i've ever seen, with everything glistening with snow, and the air super-clear and crisp, and clouds high enough that they didn't mess up the view. and i ended up sitting next to a slovak returning to her au-pair job here, so we bonded over silly things like kofola and krtek and "jak se mas". we were good for each other, i think.

tired. eyes closing. must sleep.


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