Thursday, January 06, 2005

i figured out what it is about london that perturbs me so. the last time i was here, it bothered me too, and i figured that the problem was that i'd just come here directly from being in small towns, but the problem is actually that all the buildings are so high and so tightly packed together that you have no sense of where you are, and unless you crane your head up high, you don't even see any sky. not to mention the constant business and craziness of the city.

i was feeling a little uncomfortable here earlier today. i'm feeling better now, though. i'm still surprised, though, because since i was a kid i always thought london would be my favourite place in the entire world. and it's not. i don't think i could ever live here. not for too long, at least.

so expensive, too.

but fun to explore.

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