Saturday, January 15, 2005

how can anyone complain about the snow right now? it's beautiful. and it's been cold and crisp enough that the snow's still nice and crunchy when you hike the hill at 8AM, and the dog bounding beside you kicks up big clouds of snow dust wherever she jumps. and the sunrise makes everything glisten and shine all across the valley and you get to go through neighbourhoods that look so much cozier than usual, and all the trees look lovely despite their nekkidness and all the snowmen are still standing (or lying, as the case may be with the one near the airport with a lampost coming out of his stomach and a horrified, agonising, silent scream leaving his lips . . . but it made me laugh).

and on the radio they're all talking about how "hurrah, we're going to start getting rain on monday, and it's going to warm up and wash the snow away, and it'll be a lot of rain, and just over 0 degrees and feel cold and wet and disgusting, but it'll be warm!"


all you snow-haters!

well, i hate you. no really, it's true. i'm sorry, but it can't be helped.

you're not invited to go sledding next time. because we had so much fun yesterday and broke a cafeteria tray and nearly killed ourselves a few times and had to go to classes with dampened socks, but i bet we had the funnest lunch hour out of the alls of y'alls!

other than that, i don't think i've ever been this busy and scattered before. at leat, not in recent years. it's nice. it makes me appreciate things like sledding and bubble tea and driving against rush-hour traffic all the more.

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