Monday, January 03, 2005

honza and i were trying to clothesline people from behind on the way downhill, and instead we banged into each other and i ended up with a hole in my ONLY jeans (and fairly new ones, at that!) and a torn and bloodied knee. didn't realise it was bleeding until we got back to the cabin, though (it was too cold to feel that it was bleeding). but helena got to prove her doctoring skills before we all played charades. and then we watched some cult czech newly-post-communism film. couldn't understand much of what was being said, but i got a bit. visually, though, it was still interesting enough that i want to try to find it subtitled now.

that's my official war wound of this trip, i think. nothing else has come up, yet.

new years was fun. silvestr, here -- that's the name day name for that date. makes it sound all pretty and silvery and sparkly. someone had set things up so that we could go climb a watchtower on a hill and see the fireworks all around us, which was pretty nice. and it wasn't too cold. and we had chilli con carne (tout petit petit petit!) made by dominique, and the evening was nearly perfect.

there was one person's bad mood to deal with. i didn't let it ruin my evening. it ruined someone else's though, which makes me sad.

but i still had my first sincerely great new years ever.

and earlier in the day honza and i went for a hike that was a bit longer than we should have tried (everyone told us it was too far, but we wanted to see the lake! ...we didn't make it to the lake, though...), because we ended up hiking home along the darkened roads between the villages (it was safer than going through the woods) long after the sun had gone down. it's nice being in the middle of nowhere in pitch dark, though (no traffic lights), with no sounds around you, save the occasional crackle of branches from some deer in the woods. actually, we probably could have made it to the lake if we didn't pass an old abandoned watchtower along the way and climbed up in there for a bit. it had to be done. i've always wanted to hide out in one of the old rustic watchtowers in the czech fields since i saw my first czech film. it saved us from getting drenched, at least.

but i have to leave tomorrow. HAVE to. people are expecting me in germany. i'll have to be back sometime, though. didn't make it to the tatras, so i'll have to go another time! but hopefully tonight a few of us will go to a concert of some sort. there's a couple here that are possibly the most energetic, most exitable (in a good way), most fun couple i've ever met. well, maybe not EVER, but they're up there on my list of all the rest of my Super Cool People To Have As Friends. although, natasha, be proud. tales of you have been told a few times, now. only in part due to your skills as my hairdresser.

braids are still in, by the way. everyone thinks they're awesome. me too. {g}

so. but. happy new year! tell me how your night was! pray that my plane doesn't crash on the way to london!

oh yeah. and yay me, my czech's getting semi-decent, actually, and i've been able to speak french a bunch as well! some dinners have been quite amusing, bouncing between english, czech, german, and french. i keep getting confused what language i'm trying to speak now. i'm gonna miss that.

and my boleni krk is better now, thanks for asking. na zdravy!

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