Monday, January 24, 2005

fun facts learned at the CJSF planning retreat on the sunshine coast this weekend:

cucumber and peanut butter: better than ants on a log

skinny dipping in the ocean in mid-january isn't as bad as you'd expect. in fact, it's rather pleasant, once you're out of the water again. it's very wrong that it was so pleasant and surprisingly warm, though. where's winter gone???

lu taught me many things this weekend: my inside self is a big, red, flying, rubber ball; my outer self is a tiny, fuzzy, cartoon-like creature with giant puppydog eyes that hides in the corner and doesn't necessarily like to tell people anything; my future is a giant, plump, juicy orange. OR, my cubic sense of self is big, shimmery, transparent, bright, tinged blue, and floating; my friends are a not-shiny-and-new, wooden, trustworthy, one-sided ladder that leans up and just about reaches my cube (and the ground); my ideal mate's a galloping stallion with dark chestnut hair, no saddle, coming towards me but caught in the middle of movement, like a snapshot; my idea of children is a 2-D childlike drawings of daisies that aren't part of the actual image, more like a sticker at the bottom corner of the whole scene; and my conflicts are far, far, in the back of the scene, with broiling black clouds and strikes of lightening, but far in the distance, like a vague nuisance nagging at your thoughts. so enlightening.

freya is awesome. and she makes a wicked vegetarian lasagna to boot. and hopefully that's what's going to be for production dinner this week.

i sabotage meself because i just don't think enough. s'okay. it's never usually too damaging.

BC's really pretty. really.

ed's right. i'm a fire-poker. fire is fuuuuuuuuuuuun.

there's something to be said for going out for a walk in torrential rain with only a rain jacket. after a certain point, it really doesn't matter how wet you are. at least, not when it's as warm as it was.

now i just want to do planning of all sorts for everyone/everything else, too! whee!

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