Friday, January 07, 2005

forget what i said about feeling perturbed in london. i'm really enjoying it this time. a lot. largely because i'm spending the time with friends, i think.

i got to spend the day with aqeel today -- ah, bless! oh how i've missed him. he proved to me that i was wrong about not being able to see the sky -- "look, there's even a star there!" -- and we wandered about andel angel and window-shopped at the super fancy stores. we discussed finns and czechs and canucks and merkins and how neither of us is quite grown up yet in the least. he's almost the same as always, but there's something a little older in his eyes. i miss having him living down the hall, though.

we passed a four-year-old dancing around his mother before patting her on the ass. we found ourselves transfixed on one fellow's derriere, even though the rest of him -- including his fashion sense -- left a little to be desired. fortunately he stopped at a newsstand and stopped walking in front of us ... for a minute. he returned quickly enough. so we went into the glasses store to lose him. he tried to convince me to get a mullet. i tried to convince him that he was insane. we both agreed that the fashions in london really do border on hideous, but in that fascinating, train-wreck sort of way: so bad that they're actually quite attractive.

sounds like a superficial sort of day, i suppose, but it was good fun.

and then someone took me for a hooker in hyde park. i suppose it might have been exciting to earn pounds for a trick, but . . . no thanks. bastard.

there were enough Events afterwards to forget him, though.

ah, bless!

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