Wednesday, December 29, 2004

went hiking. crazy sandstone rock formations. snow. castles. puppies. czech lessons. loooooooooooooooooong busrides, but that's okay, we slept. we needed it.

i so want to stay here. but it just means i'll have to come back.

going south for new year's. should be quite fun, spending it at someone's chalet with a monstrous amount of people who are all friends from high school. i'm somewhat envious. i'm friends with three people from high school, now, but we don't have this giant social network, getting together in big groups all the time, doing yearly (or more) trips together. and michal was telling me that he does the same with his graduating class now that it's been 20 years -- they still all get together for new year's at someone's cabin.

oh, and new years is silvestr here.

breakfast's waiting. matt'll be upset that the rolls aren't warm anymore.

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