Friday, December 24, 2004

well, after a discussion last night, i'm not as thrilled to see the carp-men anymore. it's just sad.

some day, i would like to see mount everest with my own two eyes. i saw many pictures of it last night, which was pretty amazing in and of itself.

also, what's the point of climbing mountains anyways? i found out that a bunch of the peaks in the himalayas are considered holy, so no one is allowed to climb them. which actually made a certain amount of sense, though i'd never thought about what the point of climbing mountains in the first place was. and just as i was thinking that even the desire to climb a mountain just because it's there and should be conquered might be more of a western-world thing, obnoxious american matt came in, saw the mountains, asked if tereza had climbed them and if she hadn't, why the hell not?

timing is fun.

even so, i'm looking forward to going hiking sometime next week. cuz why the hell not?

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