Saturday, December 18, 2004

london gatwick was dreadfully boring. it had its moments in the first hour or so. but ten hours later i couldn't wait to leave.

and the whole flight over was really odd. it didn't feel real. it didn't feel like i was going far away. it felt so commonplace, not a big deal at all. obviously i've been travelling too much.

right before i left, though, david asked me what my purpose was in coming out here. and i couldn't give him a reason any better than "to travel". and it started to bother me a little as i was flying over the atlantic. because i don't actually know what the point of being here is. other than to just be here. but maybe that's all that i need, i suppose.

well, today my purpose is to find me a pair of pants. and to see sisa. and poonam. and katka, and walk around the christmas markets with svarak.

these are Very Important Things To Do. it's true.

prague is very praguey. it feels very homey. it's really nice to be here. even if it's raining instead of snowing. it's not pouring, though.

yesterday was spent wandering the city, christmas shopping with posh acquaintances in fancy stores, meeting up with another acquaintance-now-friend (i set her up with an au-pair job with good friends of mine last year even though we'd only met each other once by chance on the tram. fortunately both her and i are not psychos.), finding out who's where and who's still friends with who and what the scoop is on the past year's soap operas out here. oh, and best of all, the one thing that was worrying me terribly about coming here, the one person i was somewhat anxious to see, they're proving to be uselessly selfish and impossible to get together with. this is a good thing for me, really. sad and unfortunate, but good.

it's so nice to be back. and hopefully my body's adjusted to the secondhand smoke out here, so i won't feel too ill to go out tonight. but while we were eating, sid kept looking out the window and repeating how much he loved this town. and even though we've got different reasons for liking it, there is something nice and cozy about it, once you've lived here awhile.

also, jet lag is being a bitch this time. usually i'm good at getting over it, but there's something about 3:30 AM that my body seems to love to wake up for. stupid body.

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