Thursday, December 23, 2004


it snowed today. nice, soft, fluffy flakes. not very large ones, but lots of them. i meant to go ice skating to celebrate this, but when we got there the lineup was far too long. so we went christmas shopping instead.

i'm staying here for christmas now. well, technically, i'm going just-outside of prague, to have a not-so-traditional dinner at a friend's family's place. traditional dinner here consists of (fried) carp and potato salad. which i'd actually rather enjoy, if only for the strangeness of it. even though the carp is apparently rather un-lovely. but we're going to be having potatoes, chicken soup, fried chicken . . . lots of chicken. but as long as matt bakes something, i'll be happy. he may be an ass (albeit an endearing one), but he's a great cook.

speaking of carp, though! i don't think i've ever described the carp-sellers before. (well, except to jodi, 5 minutes ago, but she can skip the rest of this, then.) alas, i have no digital camera this time round, so you'll just have to imagine it:

people buy their carp freshly-killed here. which means that at every square and most pedestrian-filled streets, there's at least one setup of a table and a vat or two filled to the top with carp (in water) with no room for them to even move. well, occasionally one flops over the surface of the water, but generally, they're in there, immobile. the carp-man's there with his waterproofs and a toque and a fishing net, waiting for someone to come choose their fish -- sort of like when you choose a lobster at the grocer's. after you've picked it, he'll fish it out, dump it onto the table, quickly kill it and chop of the unecessary bits, wrap it up, and give it to you (well, once you pay him, at least). and all that's left is some fish-skin, and a reddish pool of bloody water on the table and running onto the sidewalk.

it sounds gory, but it's not actually that bad. and actually, i enjoy seeing it, couldn't tell you why. possibly because i have a morbid, gothy fixation on death. but prolly not. prolly just because it's strange (to me).

so i'm a little sad that we won't get to go pick out a carp. i've seen parents with their kids, lifting them up so that the kid can help choose the next fish destined to die next. such a heartwarming experience.

but, instead, we shall have chicken. mmmmmmmmm.

oh, and a quick note that when you include an email addy when you send a text message (i think that's what's happening), i don't see an address, i just see many numbers, so i don't know who's writing to me. not that that's necessarily a problem, makes it fun to guess. but in case you're wondering why i've ignored you, i just don't know who you are. texts are good...

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