Wednesday, December 15, 2004

first one computer died. well, part of it. a rather integral part of it. so that one's useless. then, in the process of getting the laptop going again, that died too. or, rather, it just decided to get stuck in the process of going. it pretends to be alive, but it's not right now. which makes it all the more frustrating.

and then i planned to do way too many things today. half of them just aren't happening. which is alright. all that's vitally important is that i'm packed by 3:30AM, which shouldn't be too hard. laundry's done, at least.

because i'm gone after that! i'm off to prague and poland and hamburg and london for three weeks or so. hopefully i don't die. i'm actually a little scared in going. i don't feel prepared at all, i feel like there are far too many loose ends scattered about at the moment. and yet, like i was telling shawn today, it kinda feels like a new chapter in life right now. couldn't tell you why. going to prague the first time didn't feel like a new chapter. there were a few new chapters that started this year, though, i think. those short chapters where a lot of things happen and the writing's all stylized and pretentious and everything's metaphorical because nothing's actually really said, the short chapters that make you read through a book and go "wow, this IS a good book, that's so succinct, so perfect!" even if the book is, in actuality, utter garbage. those chapters, you don't usually realise the significance of them until much later in the book. or, you get further on, and you realise that they were pretentious drivel. so i don't really know what this is right now -- nothing special or Moment Of Monumental Meaning -- and i prolly won't know for awhile.

course, if the plane crashes, won't this post be ironic.

so other than not having a computer at my fingertips and realising that i'm too dependent on technology and instant communication for my own good, there's been things happening. nothing huge. but things. parties. braiding of hair. disney marathons (mary poppins is so very good...). dancing at science world. reaffirming old acquaintances. finding out dirt about the new house being built for The Man I Hate. christmas was last weekend, too. bet you missed it!

and now i'm going to pack. and prolly head up to school again, because i can't print things i need to have to print and drop in the mail tonight and my life is so difficult and i can't wait to get on the plane only because then i can SLEEP.

i'm going to get so sick the second i step foot in prague. oh well. at least i'll get to have cough drops with czech on the wrappings. ooh, if i do go back up to school, must steal more fisherman's friends.....

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