Wednesday, November 24, 2004

today i saw the first new-model beetle car that's actually looked appealing to me. it was pale green, and i should have been annoyed (or at least ambivalent) about it, but i actually really liked it. know why? because it was scuffed, the paint was chipped, it had some dents, the back of it was smothered in stickers, and it looked used. it made me happy to see it.

i just never realised before that part of my hatred of the new beetles is that they're all too pristine, too perfect, too new.

old shabbiness is underrated.

today i was also told (via email) that i have a lot to learn about how to make things happen for me, and that a lack of reply to a voicemail requesting one means that a problem has been solved.

but anything coming from that person doesn't mean much to me now.

i did, however, have a fun radio show. i played the robots song, finally. and i played not-AC Newman. and i played Frog Eyes and Constantines and Bert&Ernie. i spent more time being distracted by whoever happened to be on the phone or in the room chatting than i did picking music. but shows-on-the-fly are always more fun. and, surprisingly, you usually end up playing all the songs you really wanted to play.

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