Tuesday, November 30, 2004


well, at least, there was on the hill.

know what the best thing about snowstorms is? well, not really, but kinda. it's the fact that the snow covers the windshield, and lets you get away with not paying for a parking ticket, because the ticket-checkers have no way of knowing whether you've actually bought the ticket or not.

but no, what's really best about snowstorms are the spontaneous snowball fights. especially when you manage to hit your target.

and driving after it's dark and seeing the snow come right at you whenever you go underneath a traffic light.

our Business Meeting tonight resulted in Business Plans. and we may now all officially claim any "holiday" as an actual business trip. one point for us!

much like going hiking at minnekhada today was a Valuable Experience, even if it's not quantifiably worthwhile. it was still much better than anything else i could have been doing this afternoon.

although, at the moment, sleeping would be much better than posting this. prolly more interesting, too.

some day this blog will revert back to being More Interesting, i swear.

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