Tuesday, November 16, 2004

sam fixed my laptop!!!

i thought it was dead, but no, it's not. it's a happy day now. all i have to do now is decide whether to spend an arm and a leg and perhaps half a brain or so to purchase a nikon D70 because i'm sincerely doubting my camera's abilities for thiscoming weekend. maybe i can borrow someone's camera, maybe not. getting the digital SLR would be *great* for taking pictures everywhere and, stupid as it is, give me the confidence for this and future jobs.

but it's a lot of money. it won't clean me out, but if i'm going to europe for 3 weeks, it'll mean i'd be pretty close to having zero monies in my bank account by the time i'm back (assuming i don't win any spectacular bursaries or get a new student loan).

...unless i could figure out a way to make money with the camera while i go to europe. because if the laptop's working again, i could always bring that with...

okay! so who wants to buy a photo or two off me?

also, i'm wearing a turkish shawl. it's very soft and very warm. i feel so exotic with that and my princess beads'n'braids.

no, i haven't forgotten you yet, kenten. we should deal with that soon.

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