Thursday, November 25, 2004


it's probably a good thing that i'm going away soon. even if i don't know where i'm going. even if i don't know what i'll do. even if i don't know where i'll sleep. even if nothing will be at all like i'm expecting, even when i'm going back to places i already know.

i'm sick of Here right now. and i'm sick of This. and i'm sick of Them and That too.

but at the same time i'm looking forward to That, and -- i was thinking about it the past few days -- i know some great people here that i'm glad to consider friends and it makes me wonder why i'm thinking of leaving if some of the best people i know are here.

but then again, doesn't mean that you can't meet people elsewhere.

i think i'm kinda sick of Me, too, right now. i kinda felt like Me was back a few days ago, but today it seems to've slipped away again. probably because i spent today trying to deal with difficult things. so maybe when i wake up tomorrow Me'll be back again. i hope so.

i'm in the mood where i just want to jump into a pool*, hold my breath, and float just beneath the surface for a long, long time.

* preferably a heated pool. if not heated, then i need a giant snowfall so that i can be wrapped up in layer upon layer upon layer, wearing a giant scarf and a toque, and lie on a hill and watch tiny snowflakes fall on my face and listen to the crunchy, muted silence that only comes with snow.

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