Wednesday, November 03, 2004

novel wordcount: still, sadly, 0. written other things, but not my novel. this will be rectified tomorrow, however -- laptop will be in tow, because i'll have a good couple hours to kill between meetings tomorrow morning.

mike was my bucket o'sunshine today.

he was the first person i saw this morning. he came in as i was going through mail, complained about the society, complained about the upcoming meeting, complained about the missing Board, complained about how much he hated the world, complained a little more, and the twirled around to stalk off -- but stopped quickly to tell me that i was wearing a lovely skirt.

when i ran into him at the radio station he complained about the world, told me my taste was lacking, challenged me for not liking country, told anyone listening to the radio that my upcoming show was going to be the Hour Of Hatred and set me up to be evil, made me laugh when i got on air and mocked my (lack of) professionality, and then quickly disappeared -- but not before he quickly told me that i was wearing a lovely skirt.

there was a brief conversation about how people don't compliment each other enough, and he said that he'll always tell people when they're dressed nicely "because i'm superficial and that's all that matter to me."

i think that i'm going to enjoy crossing paths with mike more often, as long as his love of country don't start to rub off on me.

also, i really shouldn't be allowed to have caffeine. it's so much fun to be drunk on it, though.

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