Tuesday, November 09, 2004

i've had a week of romantic showers, now.

see, for the past long long long while, the bathroom light's been a little finicky. sometimes you flicked it on and it wouldn't turn on, so flickflickflickflickflick VOILA! light's on. faulty wiring or whathaveyou.

but the faulty wiring is now useless wiring, and no amount of flicking the switch will make the lights turn on.

perhaps we're just incapable of fixing the wiring ourselves. daniel claims he could fix it if he had a screwdriver, but he refuses to bet gelato on this assertion, so i have my doubts. perhaps we're just lazy. either way, the bathroom is now fully-decorated in candles of all sorts, and a giant box of matches, and whenever any of us have a shower, we just light all the candles up.

maybe i should be digging up the romantic rose shower gel someone gave my for my birthday and the atmosphere would be especially romantic.

today murali saw snow up close for the first time ever. we went up to whistler. we built a snowmanpenguin. we froze our fingers having a snowball fight. i built a marker out of stones. we nearly died hiking up to the snow in the first place. we saw ribbons of clouds floating between mountain peaks. we stopped at tim horton's on the way there and back so that he got the full roadtrip experience. we missed being caught by photo radar because he was driving home (fortunately). i introduced him to holding his breath going through tunnels and getting a wish on the other side.

but, really, the best part of the day was the snow. didn't see it fall. but played in it nonetheless.

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