Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I WIN!!!

laptop is fixed (old news, but still good news)!

met someone with a magnetic quality to them, the sort where you keep catching yourself staring at them without realising it (until they catch you watching them), and it's not necessarily attraction in anything other than the magnetic sense, but once you realise it's happening it's fun to indulge and study their face/posture/being...until they catch you watching them again and start thinking you're creepy!

not buying a D70...yet...BUT going to be using a rented one all weekend long with the festival paying for it, which means that at the end of the weekend, i'll have used a good camera that i can trust, get to decide if it's worth getting my own right now, taken a bunch of pictures that i KNOW are good, earned some money, and will be able to put it into my back account, instead of onto my mastercard to pay back the cost of a new camera!

my faith in my ability as a photographer has returned...i think!

i get a car for another 10 days, just in time to scootch around all weekend doing the festival work!

i realised that i think i'm repaired from the stefan least, i've got urges to just want to chat with him without any negative side-effects!*

i got to see sunshine today! and a really pretty moon!

i got new sparklies (thank you ed)!

i...well, i had a not-win moment today that still may not be entirely resolved, but for the moment it ended with being given chocolates!

i got to discuss fascism and blackshirts while wrapped in a blanket draped over a furnace, making it even warmer! and my tutee's marks have gone up a goodly amount, so apparently i'm doing good!

my hair's still glittery!

i'm gonna go to sleep now!

points for me!!!!!

well, this one might be a temporary thing, but we'll see...

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