Tuesday, November 02, 2004

i think i may have found my Continued-Ed-Turned-Therapy-Group today.

see, in one of the films i saw at the film fest (a swedish film called Four Shades of Brown), part of the plot revolved around this "cooking class." at least, that was what it was supposed to be. a group of 5 people got together regularly, but rather than learning to cook (or maybe they just did it offscreen), they would bring fancy food and a bottle of wine and sit in the community centre and discuss things. of course, inevitably, given the kind of film it was, there were some fucked up secrets that came out. but barring the admissions of pedophelia and whatnot, i really enjoyed the concept of a group that was supposed to have been a class that really just turned into a group therapy meeting, and i wished i could figure out what the code words would be to find a class like that in the Continuing Education catalogues.

and then today i went mask-making at a gallery downtown. it's something new, supplies are provided, and it's creating something. and, in a few weeks, there's a workshop on using them in performance. but i digress.

today was wet and rainy and miserable, and there were five of us in this sparse gallery (it's between shows at the moment), and we were learning to make masks and making molds of each others' faces, but we all just began to chat about things entirely unrelated to the masks, things that were usually things you might not mention to friends. but, like everyone knows, sometimes it's easier to talk to complete strangers about things that you feel strongly about. and that's what happened. even the dynamics of the group seemed similar to what my ideal group would be.

it was fun. we discussed music and culture and fears and confusions and plans and made masks. hopefully next week is the same.

i'm kind of glad that we've hit the rainy season. it's cozy being on this side of the window, seeing all the lights in the valley disappear because the rain's pounding down so hard. although it would be cozier to be asleep in bed right now...

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