Thursday, October 21, 2004

yesterday i did yoga for the First Time Ever. my body felt shimmery and fuzzy and good afterwards. but i expected to hurt like the dickens today.

guess what! no pain! hurrah! looking forward to yoga-ing again next week.

nearly got to speak french on monday. i was driving artists to and from the airport for the new forms fest, and i found out that two of them were from montreal when they opened their mouths to say hi. and then they said that they didn't expect a ride and were planning to rent a car instead. hopes went up, and were immediately dashed -- no chitchatting in french with them! looking forward to seeing their performance, though, looks really interesting. although after going through only a part of the ongoing installations earlier this week, i wonder how much i'll be able to comprehend. already have to go back to look at what i already saw, because i don't think i got half of it. and because i didn't get time to do the soundwalk. oooooh soundwalk!

oh, and by the way... snow!!! when i was in north van you could see snow on grouse (i think) mountain already. jodi and i still might try to do the grind anyways. if it gets to end with a giant snowball fight, then everyone wins!

oh, and still looking for hallowe'en costume suggestions. thus far, catherine and i have come up with pimps, dinosaurs, New Kids On The Block, or Something Cool. i'm rooting for a combination of them all right now. but with makeup. suggestions?

no more procrastination. off to take photos...

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