Wednesday, October 27, 2004

YAY for people who put things into perspective.
BOO for people who schedule rehearsals on hallowe'en weekend and don't let catherine come join sarah for the parade of lost souls.
YAY for thunder and lightening and hail-that-looks-like-snow-on-the-ground.
YAY for surprise mini high school reunion.
BOO for feeling ashamed of my life.
YAY for awesome sangria.
YAY for seeing my high-school twin sister for the first time in years.
YAY for amazing home-made indian food.
YAY for amazing home-made indian food leftovers.
YAY for chocolate chip pancakes and first official meeting of the "travel" club.
BOO for horrid cramps.
BOO for depression.
BOO for hating my world.
YAY for beautiful beautiful noise and friendly, beautiful Montrealians.
YAY for references to prague that only i got.
BOO for creepy, old german men who seemed nice at first.
YAY for friendly, inspiring Floridanians.
BOO for stupid rules that only hurt people who can't really take it.
BOO for continuously elusive norsk food.
YAY for random art show.
YAY for chatting with people i'd been meaning to arrange a date to "accidentally" bump into.
YAY for getting to know a new someone and meeting and old someone.
BOO for losing sleep unecessarily.
YAY for long naps on comfy couches in quiet rooms.
YAY for dreams about snow and snowball fights and old, rusted, razor-sharp-and-evil mouse traps with aged (2 syllables) white cheddar already on them.
BOO for dream!sfagan for insisting the traps be used to kill the rats.
YAY for real!sfagan for finding the dream funny instead of disturbing.
YAY for getting the cd-less french book from the radio station.
YAY for probably changing my radio timeslot -- and keeping my show name.
YAY for RC Cola, making me dreadfully strange and hyper.
YAY for streams of consciousness. even if it's a million streams at once.
BOO for achieving nearly nothing that i wanted to, again.
YAY for reading Le petit Nicolas.
BOO for finding out that plans have been hijacked.
YAY for making new plans in spite of hijackers.
YAY for (surprisingly) cheap sushi and funny(-looking) people.
BOO for feeling vaguely out of place.
BOO for long waits for busses.
YAY for seeing someone writing an epic novel on the bus -- probably about everyone around him, because he'd always glance up at people and then continue writing furiously. somehow, i liked seeing him write.
BOO for people disrespecting boundaries.
YAY for well-timed phonecalls from victoria.
BOO for frustration and anxiousness and unhappiness being amplified by people who don't even realise they're doing it. and for me doing it back.

BOO for today's me.
YAY for sleep.

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