Tuesday, October 12, 2004

what's the name of the feeling that's not sadness, not depression, but some degree of "down"ness, not sedate, but it's not a happy feeling per se, just a feeling where you appreciate things, enjoy the dark, find a sense of coziness among candles, twinkle lights, incense, classical music... it's a feeling that comes along with wintertime, with christmas, with sweaters and comfy socks...


whatever that feeling is, that's been today. even when it didn't quite seem to be the place for a feeling like that. it's pleasant. but it feels like something monumental and climactic should be coming out of all of it.

but it won't. because real life isn't a film or tv series.

on a different note, watching people's strategies during board games is quite fascinating. tells you a bit about their personality. that, or just that they don't like playing king's cribbage. still.

* i've hated it for years in the past. but this time...it was fun! we ended before the game finished, and at that moment i had the least amount of cash, though a decent amount of property, but i guarantee that if the game had been played to the end, i would have won; barely staying afloat, but still getting by and succeeding in the end, that's what i do,

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