Monday, November 01, 2004

Sloth is mean to children. someone gave me a Death Card -- i dare not lose it. a random masked man accosted me on the street -- apparently it was the moustache that appealed to him. Frida Kahlo and i discussed moustache-removal techniques. someone was a Sun-Ripe Raisins box, but it was the robots with flashing lights that impressed me most. ran into June, again. i always run into June. sometime, we might actually plan to run into each other and spend more than a few moments in passing together. got to see The Winks. danced to drums and dixieland bands. was blessed a few times over by flowers and glitter. someone gave me a cookie, "To fight corporate crime with cookies!" ayanna wouldn't touch it. i think it might have been a vegan cookie -- tasted good either way. got to ooh and aah over everyone's costumes, and to try to remember a few of them for next year.

so far, i've been (or tried to be) a French Distraction (costume incomplete), Sarah's Closet, a Princess (costume discarded because the dress was too nice to risk ruining last night), NOT a Reporter (UNDERCOVER!!! shhhhh!!!), a '50s Doll-Girl, and something militaristic (failed because I couldn't bear wearing the insignia). still have to come up with something for this afternoon. because going to carve pumpkins still needs a costume!

might end up going down to the park to play with fire. i'm not as good as the people last night, but hey, it's coquitlam, the kids'll think it's pretty nifty no matter what. with any luck, daniel will be there to watch me burst into flames . . . and laugh at me.

14.5 hours until NaNoWriMo . . . still no title . . .

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