Thursday, October 07, 2004

no cheesecake for sarah. no surprise, though. plans exist only to be foiled.

saw i (heart) huckabees today. it was as i expected: lacking something. i can't quite put my finger on what it is, though. but watching the film felt as though you were watching it from just outside the door, peering in, not feeling entirely there. or like building a brick wall and building it up high and strong, but without any mortar. technically, it's there, it's made, it looks finished, it looks good and strong, but there's something a little missing.

so afterwards i dragged sharon along to see a german film. yeah, i said that yesterday was prolly my last film fest day. yeah, i lied. strange film. fun hearing german. psychotic main character. had a scene that actually made me leap out of my chair in surprise. felt more rounded than huckabees. won't say that it was a better film, but it had whatever substance huckabees was lacking. and the writer/star was there to field questions afterwards, hurrah. and then we listened to the misery show on citr on the ride home.

had a strange bombardment of energies this afternoon, though, at collective. last week's meeting was amazingly smooth, everything just flowed. this week's, you could just feel the clashes. i don't know if it's from people who were there, or just general attitudes, or what. i really didn't like it, though, just became anti-social for awhile afterwards. it passed. but not before i'd suppressed the urge to hurt a person or two.

so. who's up for swimming tomorrow?

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