Monday, October 04, 2004

i think today won for Best Film Fest Day. saw a lengthy swedish film that was sad, but not depressing -- a delicate balance, but a successful one. drove guest #1 all the way home and picked up guest #2 and headed back downtown to see a french film that was surprisingly good. strange filming style. emo and angsty but set to baroque music, and in paris. which made for a good film.

the VIFF has these preview ads that start with a premise for a film ("on a military submarine") that slowly evolves ("on a ukrainian fishing barge") until the sorts who like festivals ("a yak herder...") would actually be interested in the film ("...finds love"). the french film i saw would probably fit well into those ads, but it was still well done.

just makes me believe even more that i would thoroughly enjoy it if they showed "the pants i have owned" (another "fake" film from other ads).

i've discovered that i can relate to a certain someone even more than i'd guessed, and that i'm apparently the best person that they can talk to right now, when it comes to having someone tell them what they need to hear. and part of it's that i'm just repeating all the advice and realities that i, meself, need to start truly believing. i know that everything i'm passing on is true, i just wish that i could make it relate to my own perception of the world right now. or that i had someone in that role telling me what i needed to hear.

i also found out that i should have followed my gut instinct last night and dropped by for someone's party, if only because i coulda visited with one person who was there. ah well. sleep prevailed.

convoluted paragraphs? yessirree. eaten much today? not much more than a small breakfast. my dinner's burning, i'm off.

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