Saturday, October 16, 2004

i only got to do a quarter of the No Show today, but i got to do it on my own (which meant playing only what i wanted) and DAMN if it weren't a great (albeit small) set!

and then i ran all the way to near-UBC and all the way back (a two-hour trip for people who don't know these things) to pick up five pictures.

and today was actually pretty good. for the first time ever, i left early and left final corrections with those remaining, though i felt justified, considering that the only reason i was still there that late at night was because i was waiting on someone else to finish an article for me. and not that i usually care sticking around, but i really didn't feel like sleeping over again.

and i found out that yes, i'm still getting reactions from chinese food. i had decided that it was all in my head, and that i wasn't really allergic to it, but...turns out i am. which is a shame. because chinese food is tasty. but at least i don't feel like a bitchy whiner for arguing against chinese food for past production nights.

it did taste good, though. at least i'll have the memory...

in other news that hasn't been listed here:
- was surprised with a surprise party last weekend. indian food. cheesecake. jericho beach. hurrah.
- began to befriend someone who initially annoyed the hell out of me. huzzah.
- spoke french. hurrah.
- made plans to gym. subsequently cancelled on them the first chance i got. huzzah.
- realised that i've forgotten how to move, and that i'm going to have to skip a meeting next week to learn how to do it again. hurrah.
- checked out the latest VAG exhibit. it made me think. so much so that i briefly felt compelled to reconsider my thoughts on walmart. heavy thinking indeed. huzzah.
- went back to the indian place from my birthday, because it was so good the first time round, where catherine and i commiserated and therapised and discussed and indulged in butter chicken. so good. so full afterwards. hurrah.
- decided that if i'm to stay in vancouver at any point in my life, that i'll need to open up a ?ajovna. i may already have business partners. perhaps. huzzah.
- i found more random connections to prague that i'd ever expect working on my stories this week. SIGNS??? or just coincidences??? hurrah.
- enjoyed a leisurely busride home on the last ones of the night, after burning my tongue with hot chocolate. huzzah.
- ended up spending 40 minutes on a free phonecall to austria, talking to the person that i love because they embody so many things that i detest. (male chauvinism has never been and never will be as amusing.) hurrah.

and now i'll sleep. because tomorrow is supposed to be a gym day. so i should probably be awake in time to get there, lest i cancel out on my gym buddy yet another time.

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