Sunday, October 31, 2004


pockej, pockej?
co? pockej 'pockej, pockej'?
ne, cekam cekam!
pockej, pockej?

i was wondering when this film was going to make it out here -- i was surprised it wasn't at the film fest. it's weird. it's good. i wanted jonny to "borrow" the standups of those guys from the kino while he was in his klepto stage. stef saw the actor on the left on the tram one morning but was too cool to say hi. if i'd been there i would have said something. ah well.

so i'm going to go see this film and be simultaneously happily thrilled and sad. oh what fun...

weird week. generally good, largely due to the weird moods. unfortunately the hyper good moods come along with their polar opposite once i'm on my own again, which is part why i stayed at the peak late last night, even if i could have left an hour earlier. well, and i had to get stuff done at the same time. but still.

on the plus side, waiting that long meant i missed the really wet part of the night, and i got to see the clouds whipping across the sky on the walk home. and have the wind all around me. and now it's sunny and cold and windy and orange and hellow and red and leafy and perfect.

and next week will be busy busy busy and i'll get to go see a doctor who'll tell me that i should take meds, but i'll tell him how i've been dizzy fairly regularly of late and he'll say that i shouldn't take them then, and that he'll want me to get more bloodwork done and come see him in another couple months. a wonderful exercise in futility!

and i'll have my radio show to meself once again, and at a new time -- tuesdays @ 3 -- which means i get to stick around and visit with people and genuinely enjoy what i'm playing rather than stress that i'm not doing work on the paper like i have been all semester long.

and i'll get to register for courses. if i'm doing it this time. which i think i am. though i still haven't gotten a calendar of my own yet.

and i get to go buy a flash (because it's necessary) with the money i don't have. and a minidisc recorder (because it's not as necessary, but then i don't have to keep commandeering mr mulder's), again, with the money i don't have.

still need a costume. working on it. got to wear my favourite dress for the last couple days. and a tie. and i'll have to wear it more -- hallowe'en was a good enough excuse as any.

and NaNoWriMo starts on monday. i have a plan to make meself do it this year. still don't have a working title, though. might just cut up a newspaper and dada my way to a title. but considering i can write words and words and words and words here without any trouble, surely i can write a novel in a month!

* all c's sound like "ch" except in "co" ('tso'). translated, it's...along the lines of "what? what? what 'what'?" etc etc etc......ees FUNNY!

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