Thursday, September 09, 2004

so here's the dilemma. got the prospect of an interview in the next few days at the something Institute of BC at the moment (they've already called me once). however, braids are in the process of being finished, and the plan is to have them done tomorrow. i don't know how casual it is there. the "institute" makes it sound vaguely stuffy, but maybe it's not, and they already know that i currently work at a uni paper, so they can't be expecting me to dress like a lawyer. the braids [would be] newly done, so they're still neat and not scraggly, and all the ends'll be chopped nicely (unlike last time).

so, if i get an interview, if the braids are tied back nicely, and i dress up nice and professional-like, black skirt, nice blouse, is that good enough? or do i really have to take them all out?

ultimately, i personally don't see much of a difference between having neat, pulled-back, slightly (though not shockingly) coloured hair and pulled-back, blonde hair that doesn't like to behave. but then again, my opinions are often not shared by the majority.

course, at this point, seeing as i've mentioned it to people, i won't get the interview. that's the way things work, right? so it's all good in the end.

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